Murrells Inlet hairstylist

Hey, I’m Carley!

Murrells Inlet Color Specialist dedicated to creating confident looks 

Originally from Rochester, NY, I’ve spent 20+ years making my way through the beauty industry: from nail tech, to beauty school, Day Spa assistant, and even opening my own studio suite. Then, I decided to follow my other dream of living on the beach and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. With no clientele, I took a chance by starting fresh at Laura & Co Salon shortly after they opened and never looked back since!

I loved being surrounded by the people, the smells (the good ones that is, LOL), being creative with my hands and most of all, seeing how happy clients were with their hair transformation. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone glow with confidence!

And when I’m not at the salon...

You can find me tending to my plants, or at the beach! I also love spending time with my two fur babies and fishing in the inlet with my husband.

Alright, enough about me—let’s talk about hair!

My approach to styling is thorough, personable, and always about your hair’s needs first. Let me walk you through the process so you know what to expect…

The Process

01. Consultation

I believe in a thorough consultation before beginning any service. Communication is key! It’s important that we are on the same page before I start any service.

We start with the roots (literally) before getting into the exciting stuff: your hair and scalp health. I’m a problem-solver through and through, and like to tackle any issues here, if any, before moving forward. 

If battling frizz or dry ends, there are few services and products that can help. Hair that is gray, dull, warm or cool can all be adjusted to what looks best on you. We’ll also chat about your hair maintenance and go over any hair skills so you can recreate your style at home!

02. Cut

Next up, the French Haircut. Haircuts should not be one size fits all, and my preferred technique ensures your haircut is led by the shape of your face and head. In other words, I tailor the haircut to suit your specific features and don’t follow haircutting “rules” for the sake of it.

A French Haircut is not as architectural as some other approaches; instead, it frames the face, and softens or accentuates your features in a way that puts you in your best light. Designed to work in harmony with custom color treatment, these two personalized services go hand-in-hand.

03. Color

Finally, we’ll complement your French Haircut with color suited to your unique needs. As an American Board Certified Haircolorist, I have years of experience creating custom color to achieve your desired look. Best of all, I put your hair’s health first and approach coloring in a less harsh way that won’t overprocess it.

Whether it’s covering grays, hand-painting low-maintenance balayage highlights, or doing all-over foiling work, we’ll work together to enhance your look while keeping your hair healthy. By the time we’re done, you’ll look—and feel—like the best version of yourself.

Curious to see how I can transform your hair?

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As your hairstylist, here are the things I believe to be true...

Continuing Education is a Necessity

Being an American Board Certified Haircolorist, I have studied the chemistry, psychology, and physiological aspects of hair coloring. Continuing Education is most important to me so I can stay on top of the latest hair trends, services, products, techniques, and more.

Open, honest communication is Everything

For me to give you the hair transformation you’re hoping for, we need to create a relationship built on trust and open, honest communication. I’m here to serve you, and will not be offended by what you like or don’t like!

Healthy Scalp + Healthy Hair = Beautiful Style

Your scalp and hair health is my number priority, always. We need to be sure your hair and scalp are in a good place before beginning any services or treatments. This means it may take longer than expected to achieve your desired look and feel.

Interested to see what kind of magic I can make with your hair?

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